Gluten-Free & Paleo Pop-Ups

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Exciting News! 

Every Saturday in August, Food Lab will be hosting  Zenbelly for some pretty incredible popup dinners.  For anyone who hasn’t heard of this trend, popups are essentially temporary restaurants that feature chefs who don’t have their own restaurant, but have something exciting to offer.  In this case, I have created a 100% gluten-free menu that is predominantly paleo.  The ingredients are all sourced locally; grassfed meats from Fallon Hills Ranch in West Marin, and produce from Miramonte Farms in San Juan Batista.  The intention of these dinners is to feature the best of what’s in season, farm to table style, while at the same time  offering the gluten-free and paleo communities an opportunity to order anything on the menu. 

For the gluten-free but not paleo folk, there will be seriously delicious breads from Bread Srsly, who: “makes gluten-free breads for the sensitive foodie. We bake by hand in small batches, and incorporate locally grown organic produce from farmers we trust. And because riding bikes is (almost) as thrilling as baking, we deliver the breads by bicycle for free.”

I tend to stick to a mostly grain-free diet, but when Sadie from Bread Srsly offers me some toast, I happily accept. It’s really, really good.


Bone-In Fallon Hills Pork Chop with Stone Fruit Slaw: On the menu.

Here is a sneak peak of the menu:

fresh nectarines | arugula | crispy pancetta | plum vinaigrette
early girl tomatoes | fresh herbs | reduced balsamic | unfiltered CA olive oil
grown-up greens | feta cheese | strawberries | toasted almonds

Moroccan spiced bone-in Fallon Hills pork chop | Stone Fruit Slaw | collards
Grilled Fallon Hills NY Strip Steak | Chimichurri | tallow fries
Wild salmon | coconut green curry | cauliflower rice
PEI mussels | white wine, garlic & grassfed butter | tallow fries | Bread Srsly sourdough
Moroccan Chickpea & roasted vegetable stew | cauliflower rice | mint yogurt [v]


Desserts from The Goods – GlutenFree Treats:

almond tart with peaches & blueberries (grain-free)
6 layer chocolate raspberry cake

and from Zenbelly: raw cacao truffles (grain-free)

3 courses | $32

additional sides | $7.

tallow fries ~ homemade ketchup
sweet potato fries ~ chive aioli
collard greens with ham hocks
Bread Srsly corn bread ~ grassfed butter

Food is prepared in a kitchen that is not gluten-free. We take all possible precautions to avoid cross contamination. Please tell your server if you have any other food allergies. 


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  1. That is awesome!!!! And the menu looks amazing. Good job!

  2. so excited for this!

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