3 Ingredient Cinnamon Plantain Pancakes

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3 Ingredient Cinnamon Plantain Pancakes

I love the idea of recipes so simple that they fit on an index card with the picture of the finished product. This is a perfect example, and has almost limitless variation potential.

Add chocolate chips, nuts, shredded coconut, fresh fruit; whatever your heart desires. Or just leave them plain and top with some grassfed butter.

Keep the heat to medium-low when frying up these babies, to ensure they cook through and don’t burn.

Feel free to share this image with anyone you think could use more simple recipes in their life!

plantain pancake pic recipe



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  1. you had me at “3 ingredient”

  2. THis looks fantastic! Do you have a recipe for any type of pancake that doesn’t use eggs? I am Paleo but also can’t have eggs :-( Haven’t found anything that binds yet.

    • Aw bummer. I had to stay off of them for a while, it was tough! I don’t have any egg free pancake recipes, but I’ve heard that people have good results with flax or chia “eggs”. Have you tried that? I’m not sure how it would work with this recipe, since it’s only 2 ingredients :\ I’ve been getting a lot of requests for egg-free recipes, so perhaps I’ll try to create a pancake recipe!

      • I have tried both without any luck :-( but, then again, I haven’t tried them with this plantain recipe so maybe that’s worth a shot! But I would sure be grateful if you could create for me a grain free/ dairy free/ egg free/ legume free recipe! :-) Thanks!

    • :( challenge accepted!

      • Yay!!! ((((HUG))))

    • Ground flax seed mixed with water is supposed to work but you would have to look up the measurements, or there is a egg replacement you can by that is vegan but I am not sure what ingredients are in it but I am gonna guess its not. Good luck!

      • Guess its not paleo that is.

  3. Looks incredible!!! I love that the recipe uses plantains! I have some right now, that I was just going to fry up.

  4. Oh me oh my, this looks super deliciouss!! I know what I’m making this weekend :) 😀

  5. i was visiting your blog for the first time today and saw this and jumped up and made them (had brown plantains). added a sprinkle of mini chocolate chips, so good!

  6. Just made a batch; fried in coconut oil. Delicious! Flavor is much more sophisticated than regular pancakes. Many thanks!

  7. Of the ton of paleo pancakes I’ve tried, I have loved this the most! Great flavor and texture. They look a lot like pancakes too, and were incredibly easy and fast to make. Thank you!

    • Thanks! So glad you loved them!

  8. Egg-free plantain pancakes: mash a very ripe (black) plantain with spices of your choice, spread blobs on your greased skillet, cook and flip like regular pancakes.

  9. Just made these today for my parents as part of a mother’s day breakfast. They often think my whole food simple paleo stuff is just weird, They loved these, though! I love them because aside from being super crazy yummy, they are made without powders or flours or nut meals or any other processed stuff that is “sort of paleo” but which borders on paleo frankenfoods (food which mimic our old SAD favorites but made with “paleo” ingredients. Just eggs and plantains with whatever flavoring you want. This is what a paleo treat should be like—STILL paleo!! Well played, zenbelly, well played.

  10. I didn’t have a blender where I was staying, but I did have all the ingredients, so I just mashed the plantains and mixed everything together with the same fork and the pancakes turned out splendidly – so delicious AND so low-tech!

  11. These were fabulous! I was in a pinch and needed a fast recipe with few ingredients–voila! And my toddler loved them! Thank you!

  12. Eggs are NOT dairy. I have never seen a cow lay an egg. Just because they are in the dairy section of the grocery store doesn’t make them dairy.

    • This is very true, but what are you saying that in response to?

      • Ahhhh, yes! That didn’t make much standing alone. Sorry. I was responding to the person’s request that you devise a pancake without the eggs, dairy free. I love your recipes…..every single one. I have the Zenbelly Cookbook. I use it nearly daily. Thanks for sharing

      • Ah. I was looking through the post and comments trying to figure it out! I wonder if they meant egg + dairy free. But at any rate, thanks for stopping by, and I’m so glad to hear you love the recipes and the book! :)

  13. Can’t wait for the egg/dairy free updates! I’ve just melted away 50lbs on PALEO ! My CHF is in “remission and I need to control the allergins! Love this site! Tx a million!

  14. I had never eaten a plantain before but had bought one and needed to do something with it. I came across your receipe and I thought it looked amazing! I made a couple of modifications – only used 2 eggs and added 1/2 tsp of ACV and 1/2 tsp baking soda and a splash of vanilla! YUM!!!

    • Glad you like them! :)

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Free eBook: Essentials

Enter your email address to get Chef Simone's Free eBook: Essentials; Zenbelly's guide to mastering the basics. 11 simple recipes to boost your kitchen confidence and help you cook like a pro